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Исполнитель: (КИБЕРПАНК) XP8

Продолжительность mp3: 04:27

Дата добавления: 2016-11-04

Название песни: Drop The Mask

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Текст песни:

fed up with always playing nice, fed up with always thinking twice
fed up with your projections, with fearing your rejections
no longer tortured sleepless nights spent wishing i was worth your time
no longer waking up ashamed of what i think i should have said

it's time to grow real fast
it's time to drop the mask
drop it!
drop it!

I always play by the fucking rules, I'm never nasty, never cruel
it scares me when I do confess that i wish I could be somebody else
so I'll cut some lines and cut the crap, I'll leave the crown to those who act
like this is all that there's to be, it's time to get rid of me

it's time to grow real fast
it's time to drop the mask
drop it!
drop it!

and even as i cough up another excuse, while couching another evening blues
I'll beat my chest in fake concern and eat up your livid righteous scorn
'cos I will desert
I'll disappoint
I will cause damage
I will ignore
I will neglect
I'll tell you lie
I will forget
I will despise
I'll never change
I'll be a bore
I will betray
I'll leave you sore
I'll be the jerk
I'll be the twat
I'll be the cunt high and fucked up
I will be all you say i am
and I'll still don't know where all of this will end...

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